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From:Chris Frey Date:March 4 2006 9:15pm
Subject:Re: ALPHA RELEASE: v2.1.0.alpha3
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On Sat, Mar 04, 2006 at 02:23:51AM -0700, Warren Young wrote:
> - Applied Viktor Stark's multiple static member SSQLS patch

Was just playing with the new gcc 4.1.0 and giving mysql++ a test compile,
and it spit out this new warning:

../lib/custom.h:18:31: warning: ISO C does not permit named variadic macros

That line is:

#define MYSQLPP_SSQLS_EXPAND(a...) a		<--- here

This probably doesn't matter if it works on all our supported compilers,
just thought I'd mention it.

- Chris

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