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From:Warren Young Date:March 3 2006 1:40pm
Subject:ALPHA RELEASE: v2.1.0.alpha2
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Changes since yesterday's alpha1:

- Merged the changes between v2.0.6 and v2.0.7 in, so there are no 
missing features in v2.1.x relative to 2.0.x.
- Added uninstall, rpm, ebuild, and ctags Makefile targets
- Examples link to ../lib/, not system version
- Windows build is always thread-enabled now
- Updated README* and HACKERS files with new build info
- Changed a use of strcpy() in Query class to strncpy()
- Updated libmysqlclient.def for compatibility with recent versions of 
the MySQL C client library on Windows

While testing on VS 2005, I ran into a problem getting the custom* 
examples to compile.  I eventually tried re-running, which 
apparently fixed it.  Please, anyone using VS 2005, try this and help me 
confirm that the problem is indeed just a phantom on my system.  If 
anyone can't get the tarball to compile out of the box, I need to know.

Generally speaking, if you're feeling really brave, you could consider 
using this version in production.  It's basically v2.0.7 converted to 
Bakefile.  The last two items in the list above are the only functional 
changes in this version of the library.  From here on out, we're more 
likely to be breaking things before it settles down again.

For alpha3, I'll probably apply several of the patches that have been 
floating around on the mailing list.  I want to get stuff like that out 
of the way before I start in on new features.
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