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From:Warren Young Date:March 3 2006 1:39am
Subject:Re: ALPHA RELEASE: v2.1.0.alpha1
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Patrick McMichael wrote:
> 	I know you get tired of MinGW questions, but do you think that
> Bakefile has the potential to solve that infernal problem?

No.  Bakefile just builds Makefiles to drive the compiler.  There's no 
fundamental difference between that and makemake.  The MinGW tools will 
still create broken DLLs until they fix the tools.

> wxWidgets builds in MinGW without much difficulty and it is Bakefile's main
> customer.

I think the MinGW problem is some weakness in the way it's handling 
advanced C++ constructs.  Few libraries push C++ compilers as hard as 
STL, and MySQL++ uses a lot of STL.  Now, if you know of people using 
something like Boost or Loki in DLL form with MinGW, I'll have to 
rethink that line of reasoning.

I think if you want to solve this problem, you should bring it up on the 
MinGW mailing list(s).  It might be best if you download the alpha and 
get that building statically with MinGW, and then change it back over to 
dynamic linking before sending it on to them.  You want to present them 
with a relatively straightforward problem: here's this code, ready to 
download and [fail to] build.  You're more likely to get help than if 
you just complain "MySQL++ doesn't build dynamically!" to them.

If you have patches to the alpha that make your presentation to the 
MinGW folk easier, I'll certainly be open to adding them.  One of the 
things I intend to put in v2.1 are the DEF file patches, for instance.
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