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From:Patrick McMichael Date:March 2 2006 4:06pm
Subject:RE: ALPHA RELEASE: v2.1.0.alpha1
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	I know you get tired of MinGW questions, but do you think that
Bakefile has the potential to solve that infernal problem?  I know that
wxWidgets builds in MinGW without much difficulty and it is Bakefile's main
customer.  Is it worth spending the time to see if it could alleviate any of
the exporting/linking problems we have?  As usual, I must say that a MinGW
shared library build (dll) would be a pretty awesome thing to have.



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Subject: ALPHA RELEASE: v2.1.0.alpha1

This is the first working version from the MySQL++ v2.1 branch.  There 
are no new features.  In fact, it goes slightly backwards, as it is 
currently based on MySQL++ 2.0.6; I haven't bothered to roll the 2.0.7 
changes into this branch yet.  The purpose of this release is to test 
the new build system: all you Windows users can rejoice, makemake is dead.

For Linux users, build it in the standard way: configure && make && make 

For VC++ users, there are a few slightly tricky bits.  First, the 
tarball only includes VC6 project files, but it only works with VC++ 7.1 
or newer.  Let Visual Studio upgrade the project files, and it should 
work fine.  Second, due to a limitation of Bakefile, there are two 
"workspace" files (what later versions call "solution" files) instead of 
just one: one for the library itself, in lib/lib.dsw, and one for the 
examples, in examples/examples.dsw.

I wouldn't bet on it working on any other platforms.

Major to-do items left on the Bakefile piece:

- The install target needs testing, and probably some refinement
- Add uninstall, rpm, ebuild, and tags targets
- The examples should link to ../lib/libmysqlpp, not the system one
- Windows build probably isn't thread-safe
- Test with VC++ 2005, more Linuces, and OS X
- Update README* with new build instructions

Once those items are done, I can get started on the v2.1 section of the 

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