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From:Warren Young Date:March 2 2006 10:28am
Subject:ALPHA RELEASE: v2.1.0.alpha1
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This is the first working version from the MySQL++ v2.1 branch.  There 
are no new features.  In fact, it goes slightly backwards, as it is 
currently based on MySQL++ 2.0.6; I haven't bothered to roll the 2.0.7 
changes into this branch yet.  The purpose of this release is to test 
the new build system: all you Windows users can rejoice, makemake is dead.

For Linux users, build it in the standard way: configure && make && make 

For VC++ users, there are a few slightly tricky bits.  First, the 
tarball only includes VC6 project files, but it only works with VC++ 7.1 
or newer.  Let Visual Studio upgrade the project files, and it should 
work fine.  Second, due to a limitation of Bakefile, there are two 
"workspace" files (what later versions call "solution" files) instead of 
just one: one for the library itself, in lib/lib.dsw, and one for the 
examples, in examples/examples.dsw.

I wouldn't bet on it working on any other platforms.

Major to-do items left on the Bakefile piece:

- The install target needs testing, and probably some refinement
- Add uninstall, rpm, ebuild, and tags targets
- The examples should link to ../lib/libmysqlpp, not the system one
- Windows build probably isn't thread-safe
- Test with VC++ 2005, more Linuces, and OS X
- Update README* with new build instructions

Once those items are done, I can get started on the v2.1 section of the 
ALPHA RELEASE: v2.1.0.alpha1Warren Young2 Mar
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