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From:Allen Saucier Date:February 20 2006 8:06pm
Subject:Re: Help with BadQuery Exception
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Thank you Warren.

Warren Young wrote:

> Allen Saucier wrote:
>> I am getting a "BadQuery" exception thrown _*every time*_ I send in 
>> this statement:
>> "select * from signature;"
> What do you get in the 'error' member of the BadQuery object?

And for the Moment, I've been made a liar by my own code.  GREAT... 
:-(   Sorry for the waste of time.

>> I am on an XP box running MySQL++ ver: 1.7.32
> Why aren't you at least running 1.7.40?  It would be even more 
> preferable if you were using 2.0.x.

Didn't know 2.x was available.  Also, to switch now would be detrimental 
to my project.  I've only got 3 weeks left on it.

>> I know the command is valid.
> Have you tried running the examples?
> If the examples work, try reworking the simple1 example to query your 
> database instead of the MySQL++ sample database.  Whether it fails on 
> your database or not, it will be educational.

Yes, have tried the examples.  However, their written for Visual 
C++/.Net and not CodeBlocks.  Shouldn't matter, but its a REAL hassel to 
get the environment set up to run under CBs to match the VisC++/.Net env.

>> Both with and without the ; added.
> The semicolon isn't needed in MySQL++ queries.  It's only required by 
> the interactive MySQL query tools.
Yeah, figured this out and that's cool.

Sincerely, Allen

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