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From:Warren Young Date:February 9 2006 7:48am
Subject:Re: static linking mysqlpp
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Vincent David wrote:
> Is there a simple option to configure/make the mysqlpp libraries statically. 

$ ./configure --enable-static --disable-dynamic
$ make clean
$ make

> Do I violate the GPL in any way by doing so (w/o publishing my project)?

Your program would fall under the LGPL due to MySQL++, and under GPL due 
to the MySQL C API.  The GPL says that if you distribute the binary, you 
must also distribute the source code to anyone who received the binary. 
  It's my sense that if the binary is distributed within your 
organization, that stricture does not apply, because the organization 
does have the source code.

But why are you asking for legal advice from a bunch of programmers? 
Ask your organization's legal department if you want an answer you can 
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