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From:Brian Henning Date:January 31 2006 10:13pm
Subject:Another newbie here...
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Hi List.
   I'm new to using MySQL++, and not particularly experienced with 
hugely complex projects..  So I hope everyone will be patient with me as 
I ask a few really simple-minded questions.  Pointers to reading 
material are always appreciated as responses to my questions.

So here we go.  I have a source file:


#include <stdio.h>
#include <mysql++.h>

int main (void) {

    return 0;

That's it, seriously.  Does absolutely nothing but exit with a zero 
return value. won't build under my minimal skillz.

% g++ -I/usr/local/include/mysql++ -o testmysql testmysql.cpp

results in (as you experienced folks might guess) a huge vomitous mass 
of compiler errors.

So obviously even the inclusion of the mysql++.h header carries with it 
a number of prerequisites I'm not meeting.

Understand that I have no experience with such things as projects where 
tons of g++ command-line switches are being used.  My above example 
command line has been enough for the small projects I've worked on in 
the past.  I know nothing of the -Ms, the -gs, the -O2s (although at 
least I know that last one has something to do with compiler 
optimizations)..  But I hate to think just using this library has turned 
an otherwise innocuous project into more than I can chew.  I really 
think I can learn what I need to learn, but I don't know where to go to 
find the info to learn it.

Would someone mind being patient enough to give me a bit of a 
kick-start?  I'd surely appreciate it.

Cheers and many thanks in advance,

Brian A. Henning
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