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From:Warren Young Date:January 18 2006 12:34am
Subject:Re: problems compiling on osx
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Chad Dombrova wrote:
>  dyld: resetdb Undefined symbols:
>  __ZNKSt11logic_error4whatEv
>  __ZNSoD0Ev
>  __ZNSoD1Ev
>  __ZNSs20_S_empty_rep_storageE
>  __ZNSs4_Rep11_S_max_sizeE
>  __ZNSs4_Rep11_S_terminalE
>  __ZNSt24__default_alloc_templateILb1ELi0EE12_S_force_newE
>  __ZNSt24__default_alloc_templateILb1ELi0EE12_S_free_listE
>  __ZNSt24__default_alloc_templateILb1ELi0EE22_S_node_allocator_lockE

None of this is due to MySQL++ or the MySQL C API, directly.  This is 
all Standard C and C++ library type stuff.  I think you have too many 
pieces from too many places floating around and getting in each others' 
ways.  Use all Fink, or all of this eSuite thing, or all stuff from 
MySQL AB.  Rebuild things from source as much as possible.
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