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From:Chad Dombrova Date:January 17 2006 11:17pm
Subject:problems compiling on osx
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i'm getting linker errors when running the examples on osx 10.3.9

  i'm pretty new to this, so let me go through exactly what i did.

  first, i downloaded the mysql-dev package using fink and made the 
mysql++ 2.0.7 source from the mysql++ site, being sure to point the 
configure script to the location of the c api files:

  ./configure --with-mysql=/sw
  sudo make install

  everything compiled and linked without errors, but when i executed any 
of the examples i got linker errors (see below for the exact errors).

  the version of the mysql-dev package on fink was 3.23.58, so i thought 
this might be out of date since our server is using 4.0. server uses a 
distrib of mysql from eSuite, so i got the developer files directly 
from the server machine and put them in the proper directory on my 
machine. then i tried again:

  ./configure --with-mysql=/Library/eSuite4X/MySQL4/Developer
  sudo make install

  running the examples gave the same linker errors.

  any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. sorry for the newb 


  the linker errors:

  dyld: resetdb Undefined symbols:
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