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From:Warren Young Date:January 17 2006 8:19pm
Subject:Re: Compile time
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Drew Vogel wrote:
> Does anyone on the list have tips for reducing compile times for MySQL++ 
> code (read: template instantiations) with g++? 

I take the view that C++, STL and MySQL++ do a tremendous amount of work 
for the programmer, and they do most of that work at compile time.  In 
exchange for this, you get a program that runs very quickly -- compared 
to, say, a Perl DBI based program -- and doesn't sap months of 
development time.

If you wanted to trade development time for compile time, you could use 
the MySQL C API instead.

I don't mean suggest that you take the option.  It's just that there are 
no free lunches, and you should know what you are trading to get the 
benefits you have.
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