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From:Warren Young Date:January 10 2006 5:43am
Subject:Re: subscript_iterator -> operator.
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alan.alvarez@stripped wrote:
> Would saving a std::auto_ptr in the iterator object save this problem?

I don't see how this solves the problem.  Even if it did work, it would 
be arm-twisting the very purpose of auto_ptr, so I think you're looking 
in the wrong place.  auto_ptr is not a universal smart pointer; there's 
a very limited scope within which it makes sense.

I suggest you study the 1.7.40 version with the erroneous arrow 
operator.  Once you can see what the error is, you will be in a better 
position to propose fixes.  I guess you should also look at the Boost 
stuff Paul refered to.

Beware: if the fix introduces a mandatory dependency on Boost, that 
alone might be grounds for rejection.  At the moment, all I've talked 
myself into are optional features that may depend on Boost.  Mandatory 
dependencies make configuration much more complex, particularly given 
some of the weirdnesses of Boost itself.

P.S. You keep replying to me personally.  Again: keep this traffic on 
the mailing list.
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