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From:Paul Date:January 5 2006 10:47pm
Subject:Re: subscript_iterator -> operator.
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Check, there are techniques to work around this problem by 
returning a small proxy-class or something like that.

Warren Young wrote:
> alan.alvarez@stripped wrote:
>> Is there a specific reason why subscript_iterator doesn't have a ->
>> operator?
>  From the ChangeLog, v2.0.0:
>     o Removed arrow operator (->) for iterator returned by Fields,
>       Result and Row containers.  It was inherently buggy, because
>       a correct arrow operator must return the address of an
>       object, but the underlying element access functions in these
>       classes (e.g. at()) return objects by value, of necessity.
>       Therefore, this operator could only return the address of
>       a temporary, which cannot be safely dereferenced.
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