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From:<alan.alvarez Date:January 1 2006 10:27pm
Subject:problem with keeping track of Connection instance
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I'm trying to build a program that establishes a connection with the mysql server and save
the mysqlpp::connection instance in memory throughout the execution of the application.
When I try to do this and get a Query after calling query() from the connection instance
and after that call store() my application closes. I've tried to debug this issue and have
not come to a solution or to figure out what's causing this.

I got this information from gdb.
#0  mysqlpp::Lockable::lock (this=0x8086a88) at /usr/local/include/mysql++/lockable.h:139
#1  0x0096787e in mysqlpp::Query::lock (this=0xbfd4abc8) at query.cpp:137
#2  0x00967d59 in mysqlpp::Query::store (this=0xbfd4abc8, str=0x8340d34 "SELECT * FROM
SqlUser WHERE SqlUser.username='clsk';") at query.cpp:348
#3  0x00969ac9 in mysqlpp::Query::store (this=0xbfd4abc8, p=@0xbfd4abdc) at query.cpp:388
#4  0x080773e1 in eNetworks::cservice::CommandLOGIN::Parser (this=0x8342c00) at

before the application closes. Apparently the last function being called is the following:
(gdb) step
mysqlpp::Lockable::lock (this=0x8086a88) at /usr/local/include/mysql++/lockable.h:139
139             virtual bool lock() { return pimpl_->lock(); }


I'd appreciate I can could get with this issue.
Thank you.
problem with keeping track of Connection instancealan.alvarez1 Jan
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