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From:Patrick Heusser Date:October 14 2000 3:21am
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it's me again: i found a solution, but don't know if this is a good way, but it
works... here for all sql++ beginners, like me:

1) download MySQL-shared-3.23.24-1.i386.rpm   (the important thing is version
     this file contains the needet "".
2) use the rpm -U (for overwriting you old config)....
3) last rpm -i mysql++-1.7.6a-1.i386.rpm  should work now...

but: no guarentee about this.  version xxx.24 actually is beta and is declared
as unstable

good luck, patrick

Don Arnett wrote:

> Hello
> I'm new to both MySql and MySql++.  Have loaded MySql 3.22.32 and am
> attempting to load MySql++, but when I try to install the RPM, I get an
> error stating that I must have "".
> I cannot find version 9.  It appears that what I have is version 6.  I've
> looked thru the download sections and don't know where else to look.  I've
> tried both the RPM version of MySql 3.22.32 and the source (you compile it)
> version.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks
> Don Arnett
> darnett@stripped

Patrick Heusser, Im Schulhaus, CH-8162 Steinmaur
pheusser_cut_out_@stripped  //ETH-Studentenaddresse

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