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From:AZure Date:November 30 2005 11:59am
Subject:Theese linking problems...
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g++.exe      -IC:\mysql++\lib -IC:\mysql\include -I..\dbtest2  
-Id:\Dev-Cpp\include -c main.cpp -o .objs\main.o
g++.exe   -LC:\mysql++\lib\debug -LC:\mysql\lib\gcc  
-LD:\Dev-Cpp\include -o "C:\Documents and Settings\Dimitar.AZURE\My 
Documents\My Cpp Projects\dbtest2\dbtest2.exe" .objs\main.o      
-lmysqlpp -lmysqlclient   
.objs\main.o(.text+0x1ae):main.cpp: undefined reference to 
.objs\main.o(.text+0x206):main.cpp: undefined reference to 
.objs\main.o(.text+0x2f5):main.cpp: undefined reference to 

Why the linker looks for such strange ... function?! Why the compiler 
links to it ?! It's very strange to me, because
I think It's okay with the arguments of g++, and most important examples 
are compiled and linked ok.
Theese linking problems...AZure30 Nov
  • Re: Theese linking problems...Warren Young30 Nov