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From:Warren Young Date:November 29 2005 7:58am
Subject:Re: Problems with mysql_close() (function does not return) + potential
bugs found
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RedFraggle wrote:
> In the problem might depend on the fact, that i still have a 'Result'
> stored somewhere else , which is not deleted while closing the
> connection , but i'm not sure (this would mean, that mysql_close()
> knows, there is a 'Result' somewhere and waits for closing it (?)...hard
> to believe...)

I don't think that's the problem.  I couldn't replicate it by dropping 
con.close() calls into various parts of the simple1 and usequery 
examples where the Result/ResUse objects are still active.

Can you reduce the problem to a simple example?

Is the database server on another machine?  If so, mysql_close() will 
involve a network operation.  If the remote machine isn't responding, 
mysql_close() certainly could block.

> Any ideas what may cause the hanging and for what i should look?

There's a fair chance that this is not a MySQL++ issue.  If you can 
reproduce the problem with a small example, I would then convert it to 
the equivalent MySQL C API code and try that, too.  If that fails in the 
same way, please take it up on the main MySQL mailing list.
Problems with mysql_close() (function does not return) + potential bugs foundRedFraggle29 Nov
  • Re: Problems with mysql_close() (function does not return) + potentialbugs foundWarren Young29 Nov