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From:Warren Young Date:November 28 2005 10:02pm
Subject:Re: MySQL V5.0
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Paul Aitman wrote:
> I know there will be a lot of breakages in my app. and I do not have
 > time to sort it now. have time to fight with upgrading the database server, but 
not time to upgrade the library to work with the database server.  Ya 
gotta ask you really need to upgrade the database server?

> does anyone know if there would be any reason I 
> could not use this version with MySQL V5.0x 

I looked through the changelog and found only a change for stored 
procedure support in MySQL v5.  I know of no other v5-specific changes 
between the current version and your version.

> I cannot get it to work. 

If you wish us to actually _do_ something about this, we'll need some 
details.  This is a standalone statement of fact, not a bug report.
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