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From:dengxy Date:November 24 2005 1:54pm
Subject:Re: Possible mistake in file `libmysqlclient.def'
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>dengxy wrote:
>> emit an error for an unresolve external symbol named:
>> mysql_more_results@4
>> mysql_next_result@4
>> when building examples. However, libmysqlclient.def contains:
>> ...
>> mysql_more_results
>> mysql_next_result
>> ...
>> After changes these 2 lines to the version above(append "@4"), the examples can be built successfully. Is this strange? Since 
>> the original one can use with MySQL 4.1, or the .def file need 
>> patched against MySQL 5.0?
>The lines without @X (where X is some number) are all technically
>mistakes.  We add the proper @X value whenever we need it.  You are
>simply discovering a new case where another @X is needed.
>You may want to join with "Death Gauge" in his thread to get MySQL++
>working with MinGW.  He is already working on this sort of problem.

Regretably, I found this so late that ver 2.0.7 has been shipped without patched and consequently cannot compile with MinGW by default. :( After all, the solution exists :)

Do further steps required to fix mistakes besides this posting on mailing list?

BTW, please delete the thread with the ghostly backslash I didn't typed indeed.
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