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From:Warren Young Date:November 23 2005 10:04pm
Subject:RELEASE: v2.0.7
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This is mostly a collection of small bug fixes that has been piling up 
over the past few months.  Upgrade only if you're having one of these 

     o Added explicit mysqlpp namespace qualifiers to generated code in
       custom*.h so you can use SSQLS in places where it doesn't make
       sense to say "using namespace mysqlpp" before the declaration.
       Also updated some of the examples to not have this "using"
       declaration to make it clear to users that it isn't needed, if you
       want to use explicit namespace qualifiers as well.  Thanks for
       this patch to Chris Frey.

     o Removed an apparently useless unlock() call from ResUse; there is
       no nearby lock() call, so if this unlock() is in fact necessary,
       it shouldn't be here anyway, because the two calls should be
       nearby each other.  Thanks for this patch to Chris Frey.

     o Fixed Query ostream initialization bug affecting SunPro CC (at
       least).  While this bug violates the Standard, it doesn't affect
       many real compilers because they don't enforce this rule.  Bug
       noticed by Kristofer Spinka, and fixed by Chris Frey.

     o Previously, we only used the C99 style "long long" support when
       building under GNU CC.  This is now the default.  This should
       allow the code to work under SunPro CC.

     o Added another dynamic cast needed for proper Query ostream
       subclass overloading under VC++.  (7.1 at least...)  Bug noticed
       by Mark Merendino.

     o Detecting whether MySQL is built with SSL support on platforms
       using autotools.  Needed on some old Sun systems, for instance.
       Thanks for this patch to Ovidiu Bivolaru.

     o Fixed a potential memory bug in ColData's conversion to SQL null.

     o Many minor packaging tweaks.  (README clarifications, file
       permission fixes, better adherence to GNU packaging standards,

Happy Thanksgiving to my US users.  May this release not turn out to be 
a turkey.  :)
RELEASE: v2.0.7Warren Young23 Nov
  • Re: RELEASE: v2.0.7Chris Frey24 Nov