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From:dengxy Date:November 23 2005 4:31pm
Subject:Re: Possible mistake in file `libmysqlclient.def\'
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Oops, I forgot to say that after changing the .def file, of 
course it is required to regenerate libmysqlclient.a with dlltool

>I failed to build mysql++ against MySQL 5.0 since its release 
>with the given Makefile.mingw. Warren Yang told me to migrate 
>to VC. But now I found that it might be an incompatible in file 
>libmysqlclient.def against MySQL ver 5.0. By default, It will 
>emit an error for an unresolve external symbol named:
>when building examples. However, libmysqlclient.def contains:
>After changes these 2 lines to the version above(append "@4"), the examples can be built successfully. Is this strange? Since 
>the original one can use with MySQL 4.1, or the .def file need 
>patched against MySQL 5.0?
Re: Possible mistake in file `libmysqlclient.def\'dengxy23 Nov