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From:Death Gauge Date:November 16 2005 3:00pm
Subject:Re: Issue with MySQL++
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Oddly that didn't fix it. I added @4 to the end of both errors and then did 
makemake mingw and make just to get the same errors. When I check the 
libmysqclient.dep file and it still pops out the errors with @4 on it:/.

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From: Warren Young <mysqlpp@stripped>
To: MySQL++ Mailing List <plusplus@stripped>
Subject: Re: Issue with MySQL++
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 14:05:51 -0700

Death Gauge wrote:
>I did this:
>mkdir c:\mysql\lib\gcc
>cd c:\mysql\lib\gcc
>dlltool -k -d c:\mysql++\libmysqlclient.def -l libmysqlclient.a
>and then typed makemake mingw and make (renamed mingw32-make to simply 
>make). It compiles fine until it suddenly hits the before mentioned error.

Okay, then update libmysqlclient.def appropriately.  For instance, you'll 
see that 'mysql_more_results' is listed alone on the line, but the linker is 
telling you it wants 'mysql_more_results@4' instead.  If you submit a patch, 
include these changes.

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