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From:Ovidiu Bivolaru Date:November 11 2005 1:36pm
Subject:Re: Problems building lib on SunOS
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Hi Warren,

 I've been too lazy when I've said it is just about the number of 
parameters of mysql_ssl_set() ("cipher" is not available with MySQL 
3.23.X API).  I've never used MySQL with SSL connections so far, but I 
know that MySQL 3.23.x doesn't fully support SSL internally.  Full SSL 
support was introduced in 4.0.x  (please correct me if I'm wrong).
 MySQL 3.23.5x can be installed with or without SSL support on various 
operating systems and I this would require more autotools hacking for 
mysql++ to identify MySQL version and provide SSL support or not for 
mysql++ (add -DHAVE_OPENSSL for MySQL 3.x). Since I'm not good at 
autotools stuff, I've choosed to  make the patch the way it is and it 
served for my propose. So, I'm reading  a good automake/autoconf book 
meanwhile :) My initial plan was to provide a patch as you are asking, 
but it didn't worked for me. I will let you know if I can do something 
about this. Thanks!

Warren Young wrote:

> Ovidiu Bivolaru wrote:
>>  If you are using MySQL 3.23.x and you don't need SSL you
>> could try my patch. MySQL versions newer than 4.0.x have 
>> mysql_ssl_set() with different number of arguments than 3.23.x.
> If you change your patch to detect the proper number of arguments 
> instead of just removing Connection::enable_ssl() from the library, 
> I'll accept it for the next version.

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