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From: Date:January 1 1970 12:00am
Subject:Re: [OBORONA-SPAM] Re: Does MySQL 5.0 support available?
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dengxy wrote:
>>It's unlikely that VC++ products have this problem; Something tells me
>>that you have problem using gtkmm compiled by non VC++ compiler in a
>>VC++ project
> Thanks for this information. The conclusion I got is according to the gtkmm win32
> team from this page:
> You should click the `gtkmm on win32' link to get to the place where is a leading
> "Important Warning" which describe the symptom. Perhaps I should build gtkmm myself to
> avoid this? Any further suggestion? Thanks
> Regards

If they say that MSVC developers are aware of that problem, then I think
that's true; Not sure if this problem will go away if you compile gtkmm
with vc++, but you'll spend lots of time to compile this lib with vc++;
at least I wasted alot of time with that task.
There's an entry about something similar at faq-lite:

Not sure if that could help, but did you try to enable rtti? Somtimes I
had this problem ("Access violation - no RTTI data!") when trying to get
typeid().name() af an object from dependant library that wasn't build
with rtti enabled. In short you shouldn't mix code compiled with and
without rtti, since it may change object layout...
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