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From:Warren Young Date:November 2 2005 6:55pm
Subject:Re: Does MySQL 5.0 support available?
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dengxy wrote:
> And, it seems you are in eager step to get rid of MinGW support 

No.  I am simply unwilling to keep broken features in the library.

This is not a permanent decision.  I just need to be convinced that
there is a working configuration, and support will reappear.

> Can I just suggest you not be so impatient :) ?

Can I suggest that if you want the MinGW DLL build to work, that you get
to work on it?  This is open source.  You're supposed to scratch your
own itch, not whine when someone refuses to scratch it for you.

> the free VC++ product is essentially a beta one with problems, 

The free 2003 edition compilers are the same thing as you get in the
Visual Studio 2003 package.  All software has bugs, even g++.

> less conformance than g++.

Maybe.  But it's good enough for MySQL++, which is what we're concerned
with here.
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