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From:dengxy Date:November 2 2005 3:07am
Subject:Re: Does MySQL 5.0 support available?
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>dengxy wrote:
>> can I consider it
>> is possible to compile mysql++ to MySQL 5.0 using Visual C++ without
>> the link problem?
Well that's really a regretful situation. The VC++ products have some problem while using other libraries such as gtkmm in that it returns a wrong this-pointer in polymophic use. And to maintain the VC++ project file will be a different work to the autotools.

And, it seems you are in eager step to get rid of MinGW support due to the "dll unusable" problem. Can I just suggest you not be so impatient :) ? I hope to let you know the support to MinGW is still very important, and the free VC++ product is essentially a beta one with problems, and less conformance than g++. The MinGW team have update some of their packages now, such as the mingw-runtime.tar.gz, and seems to have a big upgrade when gcc 4.1 is available, and perhaps the `dll' problem will be settled some day not so far:). Although I'm so weak to provide an advice now, someone else will. So, please be patient :)

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