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From:David Parker Date:November 1 2005 8:15pm
Subject:RE: mysql++ and ADO namespace conflict
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Thanks for the quick response!  I have not tried your patch yet (I
will!), but I did come up with another solution once I gave it some time
to think it over.  My other solution is to use the rename() predicate of
the #import directive that I am using to generate the msado15.*
interface files to rename ADO's Field, Fields and Connection objects.

Thanks again.

Dave Parker
IT SystemWorks

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From: Chris Frey [mailto:cdfrey@stripped] 
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Subject: Re: mysql++ and ADO namespace conflict

On Mon, Oct 31, 2005 at 08:53:58PM -0800, David Parker wrote:
> The first problem I ran into was that both ADO and mysql++ define
> Fields and Connection classes.  I did not think this would be an
> because I could just not use the "using mysqlpp" directive and
> all of the mysql++ names explicitly, but I was also trying to use the
> nifty SSQLS functionality, and it turns out that the sql_create_x
> will not compile unless "using mysqlpp;" has been declared.

That's a bug! :-)

Try this patch.  You'll need to download it from the following link, as
the mailing list won't accept patches this big.

This patch changes the and the custom*.cpp examples to use
the mysqlpp:: namespace explicitly, which should fix your problem.

The makefile should regenerate custom-macros.h for you, but keep an eye
on it.  This patch only changes the perl script.

- Chris

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