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From:dengxy Date:November 1 2005 11:52am
Subject:Re: Does MySQL 5.0 support available?
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>dengxy wrote:
>> Since I failed to compile mysql++-2.0.6 with MySQL 5.0.15 at win32
>> using MinGW with given command from README.mingw due to a
>> unreferenced symbol error with the example to the debug version of
>> libmysqlpp.a while with MySQL 4.1.15 everything goes fine. I wonder
>> if anyone managed to compile mysql++ to MySQL 5.0, and I can confirm
>> it was my own problem and I'll appreciate if anyone give some hints.
>MinGW support is dodgy at best right now.  If you want better support,
>use Visual C++ instead.  There is a free version available, if you are
>only using MinGW for cost reasons.  See the MySQL++ FAQ for details.
I want to use MinGW instead of Microsoft products mainly because it's a gcc/g++ compiler and with MSys I can port my program from Linux to Windows without too much work. From what you said can I consider it is possible to compile mysql++ to MySQL 5.0 using Visual C++ without the link problem?
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