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From:Warren Young Date:October 10 2005 5:28pm
Subject:Re: makefile hacking
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Thomas Werth wrote:
> just played around with makefiles. 

There's a nonzero chance that we're moving to Bakefile as of v2.1.  I 
don't know for certain yet, because Bakefile isn't 100% suited to our 
needs, and it isn't yet clear whether I can get patches into the main 
source base.  If I can't help improve it, its effective value goes way down.

> echo 	cd lib ^&^& $(MAKE) LIB_BASE=mysqlppd BIN_DIR=debug all
> example_setup >> Makefile

That overrides the naming policy for all build targets.  I'm not sure 
that's such a great idea.  I'd be much happier if you changed only  Now that we're using GNU make, it shouldn't be hard to add 
logic to change the library name at build time.  My recommendation would 
be to change the install target, rather than the build target, since 
that will keep the dependency rules simple.

But again, don't spend a lot of time on this.  All your work might well 
be for naught.

> while playing around i noticed examples/ of examples is not
> on state to lib/
> LibName is no var ( like mysql path, too) in examples. So if a user
> changes var in lib/ adaption of examples isn't done in same
> way ( which is a k.o  for my hack, else hack would do it work fine with
> examples ,too ).

If I understand your meaning, your complaint is that there is more than 
one place to change certain Makefile variables.  To fix that, you could 
possibly create a in the project root, and update 
makemake.bat so that it prepended that to lib/ and 
examples/ when making the subdirectory makefiles.
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