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From:Andres Salomon Date:October 3 2005 6:38pm
Subject:[PATCH] fix examples subdir processing
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When configuring and building mysql++ with --disable-examples, the
autoconf script still creates examples/Makefile, but automake's SUBDIRS
variable doesn't include examples/; so, it gets skipped anytime anyone
runs make.  This means that examples/Makefile and examples/.deps/*.Po
gets created during './configure --disable-examples', but 'make
distclean' doesn't clean up those files.

While this isn't a terrible thing, it would be nice to not have this
extra stuff appear in the examples subdir when not building them.  The
attached patch does this by only running AC_OUTPUT() on
examples/Makefile if we're building the examples.  Note that AC_OUTPUT
doesn't accept variables (feh), so the patch simply makes a separate
AC_OUTPUT call if building examples.

Attachment: [text/x-patch] 001-examples_subdir.patch
Attachment: [text/x-patch] 001-examples_subdir.patch
[PATCH] fix examples subdir processingAndres Salomon3 Oct
  • Re: [PATCH] fix examples subdir processingWarren Young4 Oct