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From:Vaclav Slavik Date:September 29 2005 10:43pm
Subject:Re: Bakefile
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[sorry, I didn't notice this post before]

> > It doesn't use libtool, 
> Okay, new question, then: how widely tested is shared library 
> generation?  There's essentially no standardization for this sort of 
> thing on *ix systems, which is why libtool exists.  Linux is
> different  from Solaris, which is different from Mac OS X...and
> that's without even talking about historical oddities like OSF/1.

It covers wx's needs and wx runs on quite a lot Unices. Until 
recently, libtool was less capable than what is in bakefile (OS X and 
mingw come to mind) and even though 1.5 is much better in this 
respect, it's still not perfect. There are certainly some platforms 
where libtool works and bkl doesn't, but they should be rare and 
easily fixed.


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