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From:Kim Rasmussen Date:September 28 2005 11:21am
Subject:Error in User Manual?
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I'm pretty new to MySql++ so please forgive me if I've overlooked 
something. Here's my problem.

In Section 2.3, "Queries That Return Data: Dynamic Method" of the User 
Manual (as on the 
following is stated:

>  The easiest way to retrieve data from MySQL uses a Result object,
>  which includes one or more Row objects. Because these classes are
>  std::vector-like containers, you can treat the result set as a
>  two-dimensional array. For example, you can get the 5th item on the
>  2nd row by simply saying result[1][4]. You can also access row
>  elements by field name, like this: result[2].lookup_by_name("price").

But as far as I can tell the Result object doesn't even supply an 
operator[] and if I try to use the "result[][]" notation I get a compile 
error ("error: no match for 'operator[]' in 'result[0]').

So, what's the right way? Should I do "[0]" instead?

I'm using MySql++ 2.0.5.



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