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From:Warren Young Date:September 26 2005 8:48pm
Subject:Re: Connection Issues
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Craig Snyder wrote:
> We are using connection pooling so when the server starts up we open up X
> number of threads.  Lately we are seeing connections close.  

See the comments in the Wishlist regarding threading.  Right now, 
MySQL++ doesn't do anything at all to enforce the underlying 
libmysqlclient restrictions on threads.  It is quite possible, 
therefore, that you are running into one of those limits.

It's also possible that you didn't build MySQL++ with threading support. 
  It isn't turned on by default.

The next version should have better constraints in place to help you 
avoid violating libmysqlclient design limits.  Would you be willing to 
hammer such features and help us debug them or are you just looking for 
a fix, and will move on after you get it?
Connection IssuesCraig Snyder26 Sep
Re: Connection IssuesWarren Young26 Sep