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From:Erwin Date:September 24 2005 9:08pm
Subject:Re: Linking error after libstdc++ update
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> I recently updated KDE to 3.4.2, which also updated libstdc++ to
> libstdc++6. After this update I tried to compile a project that has
> compiled without problems before and got a bunch of undefined
> references (see below). I recompiled mysql++ and updated binutils but
> that had no effect.

I don't know if the update binutils are necessary. I've experienced the
same problems you have (with various other C++ libs as well), and the
problems disappeared when you recompiled the library. G++ 4.* seems to
have broken the C++ ABI (again), which is the basic cause of this.

> Any ideas what could've caused this? I'm using g++ 4.0.2 on Debian.

Try to go back (Virtually impossible without just reinstalling and not
using testing or unstable), or when that's no option make meticulously
(sp?) sure that you've recompiled each and every c++ lib you're using
and that you're also linking with that lib.

I hope you get your app working,
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