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From:Owen Canavan Date:September 20 2005 3:15pm
Subject:Problem with vc Makefile with 2.0.5
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First of all I suppose I should say this process is a bit foreign to me 
and I have little previous experience with makefiles and the like.
I've had a look around to make sure I'm not missing something totally 
obvious here.

Anyway, this is my first time attempting to use mysql++ and have 
downloaded the 2.0.5 release for use with Visual C++ 2005 Express Beta 2.
I was initially getting the %BUILDSYS problems with using "makemake vc", 
but I edited makemake with the changes posted by Warren and the 
Makefiles were created, which was the following for the project root:

@cmd /c mkbindirs.bat
cd lib && $(MAKE) BIN_DIR=debug all example_setup
cd lib && $(MAKE) BIN_DIR=release
cd examples && $(MAKE)
install: all
@cmd /c install.bat vc
clean debug release:
cd lib && $(MAKE) $@
cd examples && $(MAKE) $@

I got a copy of gnu make, but when I try to run it (assuming I just have 
to use "make", correct?) I get the following
"makefile:2: *** missing separator.  Stop."
I've read that this is generally a whitespace vs tab issue on line 2, 
but as I've said I'm not too familiar with the correct syntax here, so 
I'm not sure if there is a problem with that Makefile or just my attempt 
to use it.

I then went and tried to manually execute the commands listed, but got 
further (different) errors down the line with the lib makefile. But 
before I ask about them I wanted to be sure they weren't a result of not 
running this step correctly.
So am I doing something obviously stupid?

Thanks for any help

Owen Canavan

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