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From:Chris Frey Date:September 18 2005 12:37am
Subject:Re: [OBORONA-SPAM] Re: What's that error in tutorial?!?
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On Sat, Sep 17, 2005 at 07:33:06PM -0400, pps wrote:
> another question - what's wrong with the vc project files?!? Many people 
> use it and as a convenience it's ok to put project files for vc 7.1, 
> more over that strange "makemake vc" simply doesn't work for me... (I 
> got "BUILDSYSd was unexpected at this time.")
> I use freebsd but before I do something on it, I try on WinXP (and I 
> always use vc IDE for coding)

Check the mailing list archives for a couple days ago.  Warren posted
a new makemake.bat that's supposed to fix that error.  Subject line
"Re: RELEASE 2.0.5"

> row[0] ambiguouty could be avoided if proper technique involving 
> templates is used, so that row[0] only calls int subscript version

Thanks... good idea.

I did a little testing, and it seems that the whole ambiguous problem is
because there are only 2 operator[]() overloads:  one for const char* and
one for size_type, which is unsigned int.

And row[0] needs operator[](int).

So we could just add an operator[](int), or add a template with some
specializations for const char* and char*.

- Chris

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