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From: Date:January 1 1970 12:00am
Subject:Re: [OBORONA-SPAM] Re: What's that error in tutorial?!?
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Chris Frey wrote:
> The docs are correct, although misleading without a knowledge of the code.
> mysql++'s row object calls std::vector's at() from inside its own
> operator[], so the standard library will indeed throw an execption.
> Only row::raw_data() uses std::vector::operator[].
> - Chris

Ok, thanks, my fault!!

another question - what's wrong with the vc project files?!? Many people 
use it and as a convenience it's ok to put project files for vc 7.1, 
more over that strange "makemake vc" simply doesn't work for me... (I 
got "BUILDSYSd was unexpected at this time.")
I use freebsd but before I do something on it, I try on WinXP (and I 
always use vc IDE for coding)

another thing

Row  subscripting works more like v1.7.9: one can subscript a Row  with 
a string (e.g. row["myfield"]), or with an integer (e.g. row[5]). 
lookup_by_name()  was removed. Because row[0]  is ambiguous (0 could 
mean the first field, or be a null pointer to const char*), there is now 
Row::at(), which can look up any field by index.

row[0] ambiguouty could be avoided if proper technique involving 
templates is used, so that row[0] only calls int subscript version

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