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From: Date:January 1 1970 12:00am
Subject:What's that error in tutorial?!?
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3.5. Exceptions


There are a few classes of exceptions MySQL++ can throw that are not 


       The largest set of non-optional exceptions are those from the 
Standard C++ Library. For instance, if your code said "row[21]" on a row 
containing only 5 fields, the std::vector underlying the row object will 
throw an exception. (It will, that is, if it conforms to the standard.) 
You might consider wrapping your program's main loop in a try block 
catching std::exceptions, just in case you trigger one of these exceptions.

And this isn't true! operator[] doesn't have to check the size (if it 
conforms to the standard). Hopefully the code in the library doesn't 
rely on that. (method .at() exist for size checking)
please verify and update the docs in order not to confuse people
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