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From:Warren Young Date:September 15 2005 8:09pm
Subject:Re: RELEASE: v2.0.5
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Thomas Werth wrote:
> "BUILDSYSd" ist syntaktisch an dieser Stelle nicht verarbeitbar.

Grrr.... cmd.exe is brain-dead.  Use the attached makemake.bat instead.

If anyone out there has batch-fu, I would really like to know why you 
cannot assign %1 to another variable and then make tests based on the 
new variable.  The cmd.exe batch interpreter behaves differently 
depending on whether you use %1 or %BUILDSYS, even when both have the 
same value!  Lame, lame, lame!

> Do i need to call makemake running under cygwin box with previous set up
>  msvc vars 

I see.  The answer is, you only have Cygwin installed to get GNU make. 
You still run everything from the regular Windows command prompt, 
because Cygwin's command shell doesn't understand batch files.  I will 
make this clearer in

@echo off

if "%1" == "vc" goto build_makefiles
if "%1" == "mingw" goto build_makefiles
echo Unrecognized build system %1.
goto usage

rem Create Makefiles in subdirectories
for %%d in ( lib examples ) do call buildmf.bat %1 %%d

rem Create top-level Makefile
echo all: > Makefile
echo 	@cmd /c mkbindirs.bat >> Makefile
echo 	cd lib ^&^& $(MAKE) BIN_DIR=debug all example_setup >> Makefile
echo 	cd lib ^&^& $(MAKE) BIN_DIR=release >> Makefile
echo 	cd examples ^&^& $(MAKE) >> Makefile
echo. >> Makefile
echo install: all >> Makefile
echo 	@cmd /c install.bat %1 >> Makefile
echo. >> Makefile
echo clean debug release: >> Makefile
echo 	cd lib ^&^& $(MAKE) $@ >> Makefile
echo 	cd examples ^&^& $(MAKE) $@ >> Makefile

echo Created Makefiles successfully.
goto end

rem Display usage message
echo usage: makemake {vc, mingw}
echo     You must give one of the compiler parameters:
echo         vc: Visual C++ command-line compiler (cl)
echo         mingw: MinGW GCC (g++)
goto end


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