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From:Thomas Werth Date:September 15 2005 6:10am
Subject:Re: RELEASE: v2.0.5
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>> I installed cygwin but get an error about buildsysd 
> Please post the text of the error.  I can't guess.
ups, i'm sorry.
here's german error message after typing makemake vc :

"BUILDSYSd" ist syntaktisch an dieser Stelle nicht verarbeitbar.

>> i ask for some improvement to vc build documentation.
> Please make a specific suggestion.  "Make it better" isn't very helpful.
It would be helpfull to know how to integrate gnumake or cygwin install.
Do i need to call makemake running under cygwin box with previous set up
 msvc vars , or do use msvcSettings only with editing $wildcard
cygwinVar in makefile ( to install path ? ) . Neither one of this worked
for me ( see above error msg ), so i'd like to get information on how to
set up vc + cygwin to get mysql++ build.

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