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From:Michele Sassi Date:September 14 2005 12:20pm
Subject:Re: Problem compiling Mysql++
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Thank you for your kindness,
i've already resolved this issue, but i posted that on another post. I 
beg. :-)
Reporting here what i wrote on: "Problem with STL"

"i solved the compile problems i had. I tried to compile mysql++ under 
VC 7.1 and had no errors, so i guessed it was not a problem of makemake; 
in fact in the path was present the old cl.exe, belonging to VC 6. I 
changed the path and everything went ok. "

Many thanks,

Warren Young ha scritto:

> Michele Sassi wrote:
>> e:\tesi\mysql++-2.0.4\lib\convert.h(105) : error C2065: '_strtoi64' : 
>> undeclared identifier
>> e:\tesi\mysql++-2.0.4\lib\type_info.h(266) : error C2258: illegal 
>> pure syntax, must be '= 0'
> These two errors suggest to me that you are using an old compiler. 
> MySQL++ requires Visual C++ 7.1 (VS 2003) or newer.

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