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From:terry johnston Date:September 14 2005 9:45am
Subject:SSQL multiple definition errors
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thanks Chris
i want to create some objects in my library that contain SSQL structures - 
so i might have a widget class that contains an SSQL stock & an SSQL price - 
the widget object would be used in the higher level appication, requiring 
knowledge of the SSQL definitions, hence the redefinition problem - can i do 

>From: Chris Frey <cdfrey@stripped>
>To: plusplus@stripped
>Subject: Re: SSQL multiple definition errors
>Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 05:01:19 -0400
>On Wed, Sep 14, 2005 at 08:21:23AM +0000, terry johnston wrote:
> > Hello all
> > i am trying to use some SSQL structures in a library built around 
>mysql++ &
> > cannot seem to avoid multiple definition errors - i have seen some 
> > saying that changes may be made to the SSQL macros at some point but can
> > anyone please tell me if there are workarounds to achieve this in the
> > short-term - if not, how do people use SSQL in the context of a larger
> > project?
>I believe the main idea is to create an application-specific API that
>you use for all your database interaction.  The API implementation is
>done in one .cpp file, and you only need to include SSQLS once.
>The other advantage to doing it this way is that you can reimplement your
>database routines to use different database backends, if you need to.
>- Chris
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