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From:Warren Young Date:September 13 2005 8:15pm
Subject:RELEASE: v2.0.5
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This version is mostly changes to the build system.  If your current 
version is working, you can stick with it.

     o Visual C++ build now requires GNU make.  It is tested to work
       with either the Cygwin or the MinGW versions.  The previous
       version of MySQL++ used nmake.  This change enabled the
       following features:

         o Debug and Release versions are both built into
           separate subdirectories.

         o Dependency tracking for release version works
           correctly now.  (Previously dependencies worked
           only for debug version.)

         o 'make clean' removes release version binaries
           in addition to debug versions.

     o MinGW makemake support updated to support new release/debug
       subdirectory system.  This is probationary support, since
       this code currently can't be built as a DLL.  As a result,
       it is no more useful than the Cygwin version, for licensing

     o Several fixes to allow building on Solaris 8.  These fixes may
       also help on other SVR4-derived systems.

     o Removed Borland C++ makemake support, because this version
       of the library does not work completely, and there seems
       to be almost no user interest in fixing it.

     o Clarified "Handling SQL Nulls" section of user manual's
       Tutorial chapter.
RELEASE: v2.0.5Warren Young13 Sep
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