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From:Patrick McMichael Date:September 13 2005 4:14pm
Subject:RE: MySQL++ on MinGW
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	I'm sure there is a bigger community than Warren believes who would
appreciate having MySQL++ work in MinGW.  I would also be very interested in
hearing if you have been able to compile anything in the version 2.0 or
later branches in MinGW into a working DLL, and if so, what steps you took
to do that.  I worked on this project for about a month trying to accomplish
just that, and have recently given up; realizing that it will take someone
quite beyond my skillset and more adept in dealing with "DLL hell".  
	I, too, am like you in that I don't always understand all that they
talk about on this mailing-list, but I've learned that's okay.  If I can get
a fix working, Warren is always very willing to help and try to incorporate
it into the trunk.  We just need a fix!
	My need for MySQL++ to compile with MinGW into a workable DLL is
that the rest of my code uses MinGW and I can't make MinGW link to any msvc
compiled DLLs.  Again, DLL hell.
	Warren, have you considered moving to a product like Bakefile?  I
know that it is still in Beta, but I thought it seemed like it could solve a
lot of problems you've been discussing with dealing with different native
makefiles (it can even generate those VS project files, to keep Chris Frey
happy).  It worked well for me in MinGW in compiling and linking wxWidgets
(via DLL).


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From: Zahroof Mohamed [mailto:zahroofm@stripped] 
Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2005 12:00 PM
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Subject: Re: MySQL++ on MinGW

 I'm not sure why you say that you can't make a working dll of MySQL++ with 
MinGW. I've been doing this for some time now and I've posted some of the 
mods that need to be done to make this work. I haven't been working with 
MySQL++ for several months now due to some other stuff I'm busy with - so I 
haven't downloaded and compiled version 2.0 or later versions of MySQL++. 
I'd worked with the latest version as of February this year and was able to 
make a dll that worked fine with my program. I did have problems linking 
multiple files with MySQL library. But that was because I needed to compile 
the MySQL distribution using MinGW.
 I hope you continue to provide support for MinGW as my program depends on 
 I'm afraid I'm only a very part time programmer and am not familiar with 
the Unix tools that you use to make and configure project files. I don't 
understand some of the lingo that you all use regarding open source, cvs, 
tar-balls etc. It's a little bit difficult to contribute under those 
circumstances and I apologize for that. 
 Best regards,
Zahroof Mohamed
Senior Engineer, R&D
Cooper Compression

 On 9/13/05, Warren Young <mysqlpp@stripped> wrote: 
> boka man wrote:
> > i am working on Dev C++ to write a simple mysql++ program.
> The next version of MySQL++ will not even have MinGW support, because it
> doesn't make sense to use it right now.
> The primary problem is that MinGW cannot make a working DLL version of
> MySQL++. You can find a detailed problem report by searching the
> mailing list for posts I've made on MinGW previously. I cannot tell you
> anything beyond that. I don't use MinGW myself, so I have little
> personal interest in spending more time on the problem. If someone gets
> it working, my next argument will collapse, so I will probably put MinGW
> support back into MySQL++.
> The secondary problem is that keeping MinGW support in MySQL++ means it
> is only good for LGPL or GPL programs. Since the primary reason to use
> MinGW is to avoid the GPL problems with Cygwin, I don't see any rational
> reason to use MinGW and MySQL++ as long as the DLL problem remains.
> Even if there is some rational reason to use MinGW for GPL or LGPL
> programs instead of Cygwin, it's still a tiny minority of MySQL++ users.
> I will not keep a broken feature in MySQL++ just to support a tiny
> minority.
> Is there some reason you cannot use one of the free versions of Visual
> C++ mentioned in the MySQL++ FAQ?
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