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From:Jeff Schweiger Date:September 2 2005 6:36pm
Subject:RE: Solaris 8 issues
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Just an update,

The patch helped a little.  I get a different a different error message. The
message is:

ac_nonexistent.h:  No such fire of directory    and further down the
config.log I see
stdint.h: No such file or directory 

and configure still dies because of the following error

checking for mysql_store_result in
configure:  error: Could not find working MySQL client library!

I've looking into the ac_nonexistent error, but so far, I have been
unsuccessfully with a solution.


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Subject: Re: Solaris 8 issues

Jeff Schweiger wrote:
> I'm a bit confused, where does this patch go?  

Save it to a file, and say

	$ patch -p0 < whereveryousavedit.patch

Say "man patch" to learn more about the patch command.

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