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From:Jeff Schweiger Date:August 31 2005 4:32pm
Subject:RE: Solaris 8 issues
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I'm a bit confused, where does this patch go?  

do I run the following commands

autoconf <the patch you sent me>
and/or is it
autoreconf <the patch you sent me>

I did both, still no luck.  Looking at the log files it different errors in
the config file.

I am going to try this stuff on Solaris 9, maybe I will have better luck. I
am not sure why there is such a problem with solaris 8.  I hope Solaris 9
will give me better luck. 


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Subject: Re: Solaris 8 issues

Warren Young wrote:
> I'll ask, and you can pipe up on the thread as necessary.

Jeff, please apply the attached patch.  It's based on Russ's answer on 
that thread.

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