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From:Jeff Schweiger Date:August 29 2005 9:57pm
Subject:RE: Solaris 8 issues
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When I try the bootstrap script, I get an error the error is

bootstrap: test: unknown operator ==

for the -lnsl error,

> gcc: -lnsl: linker input file used because linking not done.

I scanned the entire config.log file, and I see this error repeated several
times. Thoughout the config.log


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Jeff Schweiger wrote:
> I have tried everything I know to fix the problem.

Did you run the bootstrap script, as I suggested previously?

> gcc: -lnsl: linker input file used because linking not done.

How did you get from the point where you were the last time you sent 
email to the list, to this point?  I ask because I might need to take 
this up on the autoconf mailing list, and I will need to know what 
exactly you have done.  Point of fact, it would be better if you talked 
to them instead, since you have all the details, and the machine to try 

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