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From:Warren Young Date:August 29 2005 6:01pm
Subject:Re: SSQLS Compile Errors
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Haines, Charles A. wrote:
> I got the same errors when trying to compile the examples, 

Please discuss this in terms of the examples, then.  It's common ground.

> I was told that the problem might be buried deep in
> custom-macros.h.  I was curious if any progress had been made on this?

I don't know why you'd expect progress.  These problems don't happen on 
Linux or Windows, and nobody's offered to buy me a QNX license.  It's 
awfully difficult to fix a problem I can't replicate.

The source code is open.  You have the tools, and the experience. 
Ball's in your court, my man.

> I didn't see any examples of putting information into a database
> unless it was using SSQLS.

All SSQLS does is build an INSERT query for you.  You can do that using 
the Query object's stream interface.  If you were reduced to this, it 
wouldn't be the worst thing.  Doing that is still a lot nicer than using 
the C API directly, if only to be able to use the manipulators.
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