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From:Craig Snyder Date:August 17 2005 1:00am
Subject:Return a single column
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I am using the SSQLS macros and was wondering how to return a single column?
All of the examples show how to put a result into a row but not how to
handle a singe column.  I attempted to define a macro aql_create_1, but that


Code -


            1, 4,

            int, UID,

            string, GUID,

            string, AID,

            mysqlpp::DateTime, Date)


Query query = m_con->query();

query << "select * from User where GUID = " << quote << GUID;


Result res =;

User row = res[0];

return row.UID;


I would prefer to do is this -

Query query = m_con->query();

query << "select UID from User where GUID = " << quote << GUID;


Result res =;


then return just the column value


Thanks in advance for your help,




Return a single columnCraig Snyder17 Aug
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