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From:Warren Young Date:August 16 2005 7:54pm
Subject:MySQL++ v2.0.0 FINAL RELEASE
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It's finally here, v2.0.0 final.  Whew!

Not quite coincidentally, this is also the one-year anniversary of 
MySQL++ under my maintainership, counting from the v1.7.10 release. 
Looking back on it, I wonder if I shouldn't have called it v1.9.0, and 
called 1.9.x the "alpha" stage for v2.0.  When I started maintaining 
this library, I wanted to remove old cruft, knock off some of the sharp 
corners, and polish what was left.  v2.0 is what I had in mind when I 
started, and more.

I'm calling v2.0 the "Excess Hair Removal" release; MySQL++ is much less 
hairy now.  :)

Now, the future.  You can see the v2.1 plan at the top of the Wishlist:

It should be clear from the plan that we will now be concentrating more 
on new features, and less on changes to the existing API.  This should 
make for greater long-term stability.  This is reflected in the new 
soname scheme on *ix systems, which implicitly forces us to not break 
the ABI until v3.0.  I expect v3.0 to be rather far in the future, as we 
have plenty of features planned that won't break the ABI.

Thanks to all of you for holding onto this wild ride so far.  There 
should be more scenery, and fewer rocks in the road than in the past.
MySQL++ v2.0.0 FINAL RELEASEWarren Young16 Aug
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